3K / 4K Program

What the 3K / 4K Program Provides

  • Small class sizes so your child receives the attention they deserve to reach their full potential
  • Hands-on learning experiences
  • School schedule- 8:00 am-2:45 pm/ 5 days a week for 4K & Mon & Wed 8:45-11am for 3K
  • Daily specials including computer class, SMARTBoard class, library, and music.
  •  Kindergarten readiness skills (Letters, shapes, numbers, early math skills, science and social studies introduction, faith and spirituality development
  • Students may arrive at 7:15 am.  After School care is provided for a small fee (depending on number interested) for 4K
  • Balanced lunch at a low price 4K
  • Spiritual preparation; including Mass two times a month 4K
  • Child-centered curriculum
  • Community environment
  • Field Trips
  • Dedicated teachers to give your child the best education possible and keep you involved
  • Bus transportation to and from school for 4K

For more information or to sign up your child call the school office @ 920-837-7531.

Join Our 3K/4K Program