Holiday Fundraisers

Update: Thank you to all who participated with selling and/or purchasing from our Fall Holiday Fundraising packet.  We also received donation checks toward our fundraiser for those who didn’t need to purchase items this year.  Thank you who’ve done that also.  Seroogy’s, Cherry DeLite, Fun Pasta & Dips N More is in.  Sellers, if you didn’t receive your orders, please pick them up from the school office.  Norwex will be shipping directly to your home.  Pampered Chef and DoTERRA will be in shortly.  AVON can be ordered anytime through Debbie Haumschild and Cookbooks are available throughout the school year from the school office.

It’s Holiday Fundraiser time! We have a great selection to choose from — take a look! All proceeds go directly to Holy Trinity’s Home & School Association, which helps with books, supplies, field trip costs, bus costs, and more for the school. We appreciate all help selling these items, and we appreciate all purchases made from these fundraisers!