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From the Pastor

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the annual collection for our seminarians. There is still time and need for everyone to respond. We have in our diocese about 25 men in various stages of preparation for the priesthood. Three men are scheduled for ordination in spring of 2018. All of us enjoyed the celebration that we had for Father Mark Mleziva. We want to do that frequently. If every parish in the diocese brought forth one priest every 25 years our needs would be satisfied. But we should be able to do better than one in 25. How about every 5 years?
Celebrating ordination and first Mass comes from the center of Catholic Faith. Jesus began the Church with 12 apostles. At the Last Supper He told them to do what He had just done – to change bread into his body and wine into his blood. This is how Catholic people worship. On Easter Sunday, Jesus appeared to the twelve and gave them by the Holy Spirit, power to forgive sins. These sacramental celebrations are important part of the exercise of Catholic Faith.
The annual collection assists seminarians with tuition, room and board, books and health care. Each year the publicity of ordination and vocation along with seminarian collection creates a culture where young
people can respond to and explore religious vocations. If you are a young man or boy reading this, ask yourself whether God is calling you. If you are a grandparent, think about promoting vocations in your family. As parents, please talk favorably about religious life.
On our recent trip to Rudolph we saw a vocation poster with the picture of their seminarians including 8
for ordination for LaCrosse Diocese next year. God bless our young people and their families.

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