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Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday. We remember how the crowds escorted Jesus into Jerusalem. They sang Hosanna and waved palm branches. They gave to Jesus the honor that would be missing from his suffering later in the week. We stand to hear the story of those last days and hours. This year we read the gospel according to Saint Mark.

Holy Thursday is the day of the Last Supper of Jesus when He changed bread and wine into his body and blood and commanded his apostles (and their successors) to do the same. Could we spend some time in quiet prayer with Jesus? He is really present in our tabernacles.

On Good Friday we substitute special services for Holy Mass. We assemble in quiet sorrow aware of the suffering and death of Jesus. This should be a day of strict fasting and abstinence. Quiet time allows us to pray more faithfully and lovingly. It was at the 3 o’clock hour that Jesus gave up his spirit, bowed his head and died.

We keep Holy Saturday in quiet and respect. No services are held during the day. Easter Vigil begins the holy season of the resurrection of the Lord. Services in dark include blessing of the Easter candle, reading of Bible passages, blessing of Easter water, return of the ALLELUIA and Holy Mass. Do your best to participate. May God inspire us to a good and prayerful Holy Week.

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Saturday – 7:30pm
Sunday – 9:00am

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