From the Pastor

We are going to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord. Easter is our greatest feast because Jesus completed his work by his death and resurrection. He abides in the Church through the Holy Eucharist. We are blessed to have Jesus with us in our churches to be visited at any time.

As we approach Holy Communion we should always examine ourselves to be sure that no mortal sin is an obstacle to beneficial receiving of the body and blood of the Lord. To receive Holy Communion in mortal sin is a sacrilege and another sin. We welcome anyone to come to confession and receive the Lord’s blessing and forgiveness. The benefits of Holy Communion are multiple. (1) We are joined most closely with Christ. (2) We are protected from mortal sin. (3) We are cleansed of venial sin. (4) We are strengthened in the practice of virtue. (5) We have an increase in sanctifying grace (that gift of God makes us holy). (6) We have the promise of eternal life. Praise God for his generous gift to us.