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Highlights from the February 5th Meeting

  1. Treasurer’s Report
    • No changes
  2. Time & Talent
    •  Gail to send home booklet and tickets in Friday folder
    • Set up day = Friday, March 16
    • Sunday start at 7:30 am – ??
    • Mrs. Waterstreet to see if we still have buckets/supplies from last year and to ask Rob to MC again
    • Volunteer sign up sheets for Friday and Sunday to go out closer to event date
    • Need to make signs for the raffle items
  3. Spring Fundraisers
    • Seroogy’s  –  already going
    • Cookie Dough – yes, Amy to contact them to get fundraiser going
    • Schroeders – Alyssa has contacted them; we should get info soon
    • Pizza – Mrs. Waterstreet to contact Renard’s for details on their fundraising program
  4. Ice Cream Fundraiser
    • Ice cream fundraiser for little league tournament in June?  Volunteers??
  5.  Amazon Smile
    • Reminder that for purchases made at smile.amazon.com Holy Trinity receives 0.5%.  Items are the same as at the “regular” amazon.com site, so this is an easy way to support the school just by buying what you were planning to buy anyway.  As a reminder, the link is https://smile.amazon.com/ch/39-0817525.  Once you set up Holy Trinity to be your charity of choice, it’s saved, and you can just type in smile.amazon.com. The link can also be found on the website.  Hover over “Holy Trinity School” in the navigation bar, then “Support Holy Trinity”, and click on “Amazon Smile”.  You can also go to: http://holytrinitycasco.com/fundraisers and click on the Amazon Smile box.
  6. Seroogy’s Candy Bars
    • Boxes are available in the school office.  $72 for full box or $36 for half box.  Bars sell for $1.50 each.
  7. Home School Association Officers
    • We are still in need of a president and vice-president of the Home-School Association for next year.  If interested, contact htcascohsa@gmail.com or just let us know at one of our next meetings.
  8. Communication

 Our next meeting will be March 16th at 5:00pm, right before Time and Talent set-up.

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